There’s a romance I find in flying. It is truly a privilege - an event, if you will - to be able go someplace so far away in such an efficient and stylish manner.

Blurred shots》

i’m 5’3 and i will fight ur tall ass i don’t give a fuck

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Artist Gugliermo Cavellini wrote himself into art history with this sticker. MoMA librarian Jennifer Tobias shares the backstory. 

[Gugliermo Achille Cavellini. Informazione. n.d. Cavellini artist file, MoMA Library]

Darwin’s greenhouse, Kent / from the uk school trip three years ago, I just remembered this morning that I have these photos tucked away in my hard drive. so bummed I can’t find any from germany/austria or switz/italy, those were easily my favourite trips but these are still lovely

Nashville you’re full of gems…digs this abandoned airport hangar ✈️